Monday, March 28, 2011

Boycott General Electric - They do not pay federal taxes, so they don't need our business

 This is a another Obama outrage.  Another corruption chapter from his liberal administration.

General Electric with lots of money and lobbyists managed to get away with enough tax lop holes that enables them not to pay little or no federal taxes.  They make a lot of things.  They make a lot of money. And pay no taxes?  The money that was not paid to the IRS - do you think that money might have gone to bonuses and stocks options for their executives?  Is this right?  Is this fair.
Maybe Jeff Immelt knows.  Maybe Obama knows. 

GE makes a lot of things, appliances,  silicone caulk, electronics, jet engines, wind turbines, a lot.

Buy if you must - I won't.  GE sure as hell does not need my business.  Thank God for competition.
Here is a list of their Product by categories - click on to get to their link.


 GE headquarters are in Fairfield, Conn.  

The CEO is Jeff Immelt. 


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